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Delivering significant value to the mining ecosystem

Industry Challenges

There is increasing pressure to operate sustainably, improving environmental, social and governance performance.

Resource scarcity - decreasing ore feed grades and increasing ore complexity - is resulting in rising operational costs

Technology is pervasive throughout the industry, yet resource recovery still largely relies on human behaviours and skill

Dry system using X-Ray Transmission (XRT), laser or air jig technology

Complementary to wet processing systems


Maximizes resource recovery

All technologies in use around the world

The Technology

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Where Is The Value?


There are multiple areas of value uplift, but they can be categorized into two main areas:

Increasing the operational revenue stream on the same or similar cost base

Decreasing an operation's carbon footprint through reduction of fine tailings, energy & water consumption

We understand that every site has different drivers and constraints, so we employ a five step engagement process to ensure value is clearly defined at every stage

Stage 1 - Desktop Concept Study: Understanding the areas of value erosion and the potential opportunity

Stage 2 - Pre-Feasibility Study: Details information on value loss, system componentry & capabilities, options analysis and the clear definition of a value-driven opportunity

Stage 3 - Site Material Testing: Testing completed by accredited laboratories and technology providers. Results used to complete a Feasibility Study

Stage 4 - Pilot Scale Plant: Confirms technology in an operational setting

Stage 5 - Production Plant: Operated under a zero capital contract model

Our Roadmap To Defining Value

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