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Mission Statement

We are a mining services company focused on identifying and integrating alternative material movement and processing solutions to increase resource project value.


Through our practical business pillars, our clear objective is to deliver sustainable value to clients, partners and industry.

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Business Pillars

Value driven holistic approach

Maximize resource recovery

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Minimize the use of finite resources & energy

circular economy.png

Deliver Circular Economy opportunities

What We Do

Ore Sorting Systems

Ore sorting_7.jpg

Mobile Tailings Dewatering & Disposal


Our technology solutions specifically address current challenges to the resources industry from a financial, environmental or social perspective.

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Value Optimization Capability

Leveraging our industry experience, we deliver optimized  business value specific to each project or operation 

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Mine Services Business Model

How We Are Different

We provide mine services on a contract, toll charge arrangement

Zero capital cost to the client

Technology agnostic, we use what works best

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