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Delivering the lowest cost total tailings solution on the market 

Industry Challenges

Vale-Tailing-Dam failure.png

The Brazil failures highlight the problem and global investment funds are demanding change

Regulators are restricting the approval of new Tailings Storage Facilities

High capital and operating cost of current market mechanical solutions

Proven screw press filtration system as the core technology

Patented innovative mobile application

The only mobile dewatering and direct placement solution on the market

Suitable for a variety of commodities - gold, coal, copper, iron ore, nickel, bauxite

The Solution


The Technology


A simple, robust design and process:

  • Tailings fed via dredge or direct from plant thickener underflow

  • Inline flocculation

  • Dewatered material to direct placement in the dump

  • Filtrate water returned to process

Benefits of mobility include:

  • Elimination of rehandle & trucking through direct placement of dewatered tailings into final position

  • Flexibility in changing deposition location

  • All weather operation

  • Supplement existing TSF requirements

Possible elimination of TSF's and all associated risks

Ability for greater progressive rehabilitation and reduction in ESG liabilities

Simple integration into existing operations

Increased water recovery and control of water management

Contractor model delivers significant cost reduction in comparison to existing technology

Environmental benefits include:

  • Mitigation of off-site contamination through TSF failures and leaks

  • Reduction in carbon footprint via electric equipment and elimination of material rehandle 

  • Ability to decommission TSF's for final closure and landform relinquishment

Value & Environmental Benefits

Taillings value comparison chart.png
dam capping_1.png
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